Why You Should Live Minimalist Life

Living a life of minimalism takes some practice and effort because not eveyrone is used to getting by on just a few things. Essentially what minimalism is, it’s having or buying things you need instead of letting the consumerist society dictate your actions and your purchasing decisions.

Some people believe that living a life of minimalism means that you have to live below your means or not buy anything at all, which is not true, because it’s just a lifestyle that does not include a lot of clutter and mess you don’t need.

People buy a lot of junk and accrue junk over their life. We believe that someday we will need that later. It is mostly because in our nature we don’t like losing something we paid for or we have a hard time losing something that meant something to us.

However, if you go through your drawers and clothes, you will find that there are so many things you don’t wear or even use at all, but you just keep there in case you ever will need it.

Now that we know what minimalism is let’s talk about the benefits of minimalism.

It frees your mind

When you don’t have too much clutter in your life, it frees your mind to focus on better things. You won’t have to worry about whether you will have enough space etc and many other needless thought.

You save money

As stated, minimalism is about buying things you actually need. So buying things only when you need it or if it actually makes sense for you to buy, then go ahead and purchase it. If you like nice cars or like playing video games, it is completely fine indulging yourself from time to time, however, just because it looked cool, cute, or interesting does not mean you should buy it.

In a way, you are learning to buy assets instead of just junk. An asset is something that allows you to benefit from it. If you have a perfeclty working phone that has all the functions you need, then there is no need to buy that new version which is slightly better.

It is a must for travellers

If you are an adventurer and a traveller, then a lifestyle of minimalism is necessary. When we go travelling we bring so much junk we don’t need and believe that it will come handy later, which does not happen. A small suitcase can get you by for months if you know what to pack in your suitcase.

It’s not just a lifestyle but also a mentality

Besides minimalism being a lifestyle it is a way of mentality and thought. It teaches you how to think freely and not let the fear of loss hold you back. Some day you do have to say goodbye to things in your life and with a minimalist mindset mentality it is easier to deal with those situations because you will have learned how to let go of things.

Minimalism in a ways is an art of learning to let go not just of physical things, but things that don’t serve you. Certain past experiences, bad friends, habits, etc all these things that don’t serve you, if you allow minimalism to be a part of your lifestyle, you can let go of them more easily compared with someone who is afraid of losing something.